5 Best Autobiographies to Give a Boost of Inspiration in Your Life

There is no doubt that a book is a man’s best friend. Books can have a great impact on your life. You must invest your time in the right books so you may learn a thing or two that you can implement in your life and bring positive change to it.

Fiction books can indeed be a great pastime and take you to a perfect imaginary world. Howevre, books based on reality and the lives of actual people are the epitome of inspiration for life. It brings about a great deal of change and growth if implemented in positive ways. 

While these days people do not have the time to read hardcover books and thus it is great to have online sources of reading books or other educational items simply a few clicks away. This is only possible due to the availability of the internet and how it is easy to find everything online these days. These days Kindle is a great source of reading books online. You can always get the soft copies on Amazon at fraction of the cost. 

But whether you are reading online on a tablet or phone, or choose to order hardcover books, you must invest in these and keep them for a lifetime to come. No matter which point you are in life, these books help you find an escape. Moreover, books can help to develop your mindset in a way that you become a survivor in the world of cut throat competition and hard truths. 

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Read ahead about some of the best autobiographies you can find to boost your inspiration in your life. 

Autobiographies – Books that tell real stories

Autobiographies are books that are based on the lives of people who have achived something. These books can be based on anyone’s life such as musicians, actors, politicians, businesspersons, etc. Autobiographies display the fact that every great person has a story behind their success and they tell their story to the world so others feel motivated to bring positive change into their lives.

In this article, we have listed some of the best autobiographies that have been written until now.

  1. Long Walk to Freedom: 

Written by: Nelson Mandela

A man who spent so many years in prison just for oppising apartheid in South Africa, Nelson Mandela is one of the most influential personalities in the world. He dedicated his life to serving people their deserving rights and greatly contributed to the concept of an “equal world”. He, later on, stood up to tell his story to the world and published his autobiography in the year 1994. His story displays that one should never settle for unjust and unequal treatment. He tells the story of how he achieved success from being locked up in prison to his triumph. This autobiography will change your perspectives of the world and is a good read. 

  1. The Story of My Experiments with Truth:

Written by: Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi spent years of his life fighting for the freedom of the people of India. His whole life serves as an example for people to take inspiration from and that is the main agenda behind his autobiography as well. The autobiography displays the story of his journey and how he committed experiments with truth. His main motto was to perform non-violent protest as he was strongly against violence. Mahatma Gandhi believed that success and freedom can be achieved through peace and he practiced what he preached. This book gives an important message to its readers that with love, peace, and deep understanding, any hardship can be overcome.

  1. The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told by Alex Haley:

Written by: Malcolm X and Alex Hales

Rated as one of the most important non-fiction books by Times Magazines, “Malcolm X” is a great book that provides inspiration and wisdom to its readers. Based on the life of a Muslim Black American social activist and debater, this autobiography tells the story of how Malcom rose to success after being raised in a very poor family. The life of Malcolm X displays so many struggles that he did to spread the message of racial equality when black people were being dehumanized. He fought and struggled for bringing positive change to America.

  1. Born Standing up: A Comic’s Life:

Written by: Steve Martin

The winner of several Grammys and other awards, Steve Martin is a very popular comedian and a legendary performer. A memoir that was released in 2007 is a story about Steve Martin and how he rose to fame. From working in low-tier coffee shops and performing his comedy acts in local clubs to becoming a world-class performer, his autobiography is a must-read for everyone.

  1. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft:

Written by: Stephen King

There is no doubt that Stephen King is one of the greatest and most gifted writers in American history. He has published a lot of great works that make us wonder how he can be so good at what he does. In his autobiography, the famous writer tells the story about his experiences as a writer and some great wisdom for aspiring writers. This is a must-read for those looking to start working on their books and writings as it can provide them with a lot of guidance.


Autobiographies are a great source of wisdom for readers. The stories that are based on the struggles of people who achieved success in their lives are a great way to motivate yourself and aspire to bring change into our lives. The autobiographies mentioned above are a great read for you and are easily available online.

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