12 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Love

It’s a real challenge to let go of negative feelings. Every day, we make mistakes–big and small–that weigh on our confidence and, eventually, our self-esteem. But with a little self-love, you can begin to release these negative thoughts and criticisms that you place on yourself. 

Through the practice of self-love, you can eventually take care of others around you, once you take care of yourself. Like an oxygen mask on a plane, you must first help yourself before helping others. Otherwise, you will not be there fully and will burn out quickly, feeling more depleted and too drained to be kind to yourself. So, here are 12 easy ways to practice self-love, first and foremost. 

1. Wear Something That Makes You Feel Sexy 

Put on red lipstick, step into those killer heels or get dressed up in a bodycon summer dress slimmed down with shapewear to give you an hourglass figure. Do whatever makes you feel sexy and secure in your body! 

2. Treat Yourself to Something Nice

Every once in a while, be sure to treat yourself to something nice. You don’t have to meet a goal or reach a milestone like a birthday. Just do it because it makes you feel good. Even if you live a minimalist lifestyle and don’t want to add to your capsule wardrobe, you can treat yourself to something less permanent like fresh flowers or your favorite ice cream. 

3. Clean and Organize Your Home or Apartment

Another way to practice self-love is to keep your living area nice and tidy. Give your home or apartment a good cleaning and declutter areas to provide you with extra breathing room, so to speak. This also goes for your office space, including any digital files. Turn on your computer knowing that everything is organized and no files are floating about. 

4. Take Time for Self-Care

Another easy way to practice self-love is through self-care. Set aside a bit of time in your busy day that is dedicated only for you. Get up early in the morning to enjoy a cup of soothing, hot tea and set your intentions for the day. Also, take some time to relax while getting ready for bed after a long, exhausting week. 

Self-care could also be combined with treating yourself! Go get a professional massage to help you unwind!

5. Keep a List of Your Most Worthy Traits

Everyone deserves a pat on the back every now and then. So, why not give it to yourself? Keep a running list of your most worthy traits and accomplishments. It may seem vain or trivial, but it helps to understand who you are as a person and individual. You could also do this with a gratitude journal, if you would prefer.

6. Make Time for Meditation

Make time for meditation, ideally in the early morning before you start your day. Meditation has been proven to offer many benefits, such as reduce anxiety, generate kindness and empathy toward others and even reduce memory loss as you age.  

7. Enjoy Your Favorite Activities

Whether it’s reading a good book at a favorite cafe or joining a local sports team, practice self-love by doing what you love! Not only does it keep your body and brain stimulated, but it gives you something to look forward to.

Better yet, create a list of activities you’ve been meaning to try. Never took up salsa dancing lessons? Always wanted to read that epic book series, but never found the time? Now’s the time! What’s stopping you? Jot down some ideas and place them on your fridge as an everyday reminder. Try something new, like cooking classes or yoga. 

8. Offer Your Service to Others

One way to practice self-love is to pay it forward. Volunteer at a local animal shelter or simply help a friend to move or watch their kid as they take time for themselves. Even a nice compliment can boost their spirits as well as yours. 

9. Be Kind to Your Body

Practice self-love by eating nutritiously and staying hydrated. Avoid caffeine, which triggers anxiety and increases the heart rate. Take time out of your evening to unwind and cook a nice meal for yourself. When you do eat, put your fork down between bites and indulge in the delicious food you have prepared. Also, be sure to set your phone on silent so you can enjoy your time. 

10. Exude Confidence 

Portray yourself as confident and you’ll feel confident. Stand up straight and tall and give everyone you meet a big, bright smile. Confidence goes a long way in letting others know you are self-assured. You can also practice self-love by boosting someone else’s confidence in return. 

11. Set Goals and Accomplish Them

There’s nothing worse than setting your sights on a goal, only to procrastinate. So practice a little self-love and create a breakdown of small steps that you need to take to reach that goal. Is it shedding a few pounds to fit into summer swimwear? Or is it quitting your job to follow a lifelong dream of owning your own business? However big or small the goal or dream may be, there’s only one way to get there. One step at a time!  

12. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

If there’s one thing you do to practice self-love, it’s to stop comparing yourself to others. Not only stop comparing yourself to close friends, but even complete strangers on social media. Their lives may seem perfect and the grass may appear greener, but “seem” is the key word here. And comparing does nothing good for the soul. Practice a self-love mantra and convince yourself that you’re worthy of love.

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