When is Raksha Bandhan in 2023? Rakhi 2023 Date, Lucky Rakhi, & More!

Raksha Bandhan in 2023 will be observed on 30th August this year. Like always, Raksha Bandhan Day will fall on the Purnima of Shravan Masa giving it its other name Rakhi Purnima. As we all know that Purnima AKA Puranmasi is a very important date in the Hindu calendar. On the day of Puranmasi, many people perform different remedies to better their luck and fortune.

However, the day of Raksha Bandhan is also a Puranmasi day, but many people do not know that performing Rakhi Pujan Vidhi appropriately can also bring good fortune to them! Did you know that one should celebrate Rakhi in Shubh Muhurat only? Moreover, one should always abstain from celebrating Rakhi during Ashubh muhurat. Well, if not then you must read this article carefully and must know Rakhi 2023 shubh muhurat.

Also, discover the lucky rakhi colour for your brother and the lucky rakhi gift for sister as per your zodiac sign. If you follow these simple remedies this Raksha Bandhan, then you will surely attract great fortune this Rakhi Festival

Auspicious Time for Raksha Bandhan in 2023

Rakhi is the only festival in the entire world that celebrates the eternal bond between brothers and sisters. Have you ever heard of any other festival in the world that celebrates sibling love? Well, of course, that is next to impossible! So, Raksha Bandhan is a really important aspect of Indian culture. And this festival must not be taken lightly!

According to a Hindu Mythological belief, Ravana Vadh took place when Shuparnkha, his sister tied him Rakhi thread during inauspicious timings. Not only Ravana but also his entire dynasty ended. So, during Rakhi 2023 we too must abstain from all the inauspicious timing. Check out the table below to know accurate Raksha Bandhan timings in 2023

Rakhi Purnima Date30th August 2023
Rakhi Pournami Tithi as per Hindu CalendarPurnima begins at 10:37 AM And Ends at 5:58 on 31st August 2023
Shubh Muhurat  for Raksha Bandhan in 2023Pradosh Kaal
Pradosh Kaal Timings in 20239:00 PM to 9:05 PM
Other Available Muhurat5:50 PM till 6:03 PM (neither inauspicious nor too auspicious)
Ashubh Muhurat  for Rakhi in 2023Bhadra And Raahu Kaalam
Bhadra Period  on Rakhi in 2023Bhadra remains till 9:01 PM on 30th August 2023
Raahu Kaal Timings12 Noon to 1:37 PM

When is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated?

Great astrologers state that one should avoid Bhadra and Raahu Kaal to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in India. While Bhadra or Bhado is the 6th Month of the Hindu calendar, Raahu Kaal is a period of 1.5 Hours that comes daily at different times.

And on the occasion of Rakhi in 2023, Bhadra or Bhado will last till 9:01 PM on 30th August 2023. So, when is Raksha Bandhan celebrated this year?

Well, eventually, the Raksha Bandhan Shubh Muhurat 2023 will begin from 9:01 PM onwards. And the most auspicious period to tie Rakhi in 2023 will last up to 9:05 PM.

Furthermore, Raahu Kaal begins at 12 Noon and lasts till 1:37 PM every Wednesday. Therefore, one should abstain from the Rakhi celebration during the afternoon this year!

Lucky Rakhi for Brother and Gift for Sister on Raksha Bandhan in 2023 According to Zodiac

Rakhi festival comes on the day of Purnima, giving it its other name Rakhi Purnima or Rakhi Pournami. As we said earlier, on the day of Purnima, people perform different remedies for good fortune. However, did you know that choosing the rakhi band for your brother as per his zodiac and Rakhi gift for sister according to her zodiac can bring ultimate good luck to you? Well, if not then perform this remedy on Raksha Bandhan in 2023 and see the magic works-

Aries and Scorpio:

  • For these two zodiacs, Mars is the ruling planet. Therefore, Red and Maroon are their lucky colours. So, if your brother is Aries or Scorpio, then go for a red or maroon rakhi thread for Raksha Bandhan in 2023.
  • Also, for an Aries Sister, choose a gift in these colours. Additionally, you can also give her ruby stone jewelry.

Taurus and Libra:

  • These zodiac signs have Venus as their Lord. Thus, all the bright colours like white, silver, and shiny things are for these zodiacs. Therefore, tie a Silver, white, or any shining rakhi thread to your brother on this Raksha Bandhan to invite good luck.
  • Similarly, you gift a shimmering dress to your Taurus or Libra sister in silver or peach colour. If you want to go for jewelry, then choose white stone or diamond jewelry for your sister on Raksha Bandhan 2023

Gemini and Virgo:

  • Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo zodiacs and their lucky colour is green. Therefore, if your brother is a Gemini or Virgo person, then choose the green rakhi band for your brother.
  • Moreover, if your sister is Gemini or Virgo, then a green dress or some money packed in a green envelope can prove a great choice. Also, Mercury is the lord of communication, and hence gifting a pen to a sister or a mobile phone can also bring tremendous good luck to you during this Rakhi Festival.


  • Moon in Indian Astrology rules a single Rashi and that Rashi is Cancer. People of this zodiac are naughty, moody, attention-deficit, and beauty lovers. White is the soothing colour for these people. Also, feminine elements like silk, shiny objects, and white beads are auspicious for Cancer people. So, we would advise you to get a customized rakhi for your brother in bright white colour.
  • Alternatively, if your sister has the Cancer zodiac, then no other gift than pearl jewelry can be best for her! If she loves room décor, then a Moon lamp is also a trendy option for Raksha Bandhan in 2023.


  • In a similar way, Sun as well rules a single Zodiac which is Leo. Therefore, for Leo brother, Rakhi threads in colours like orange, red, or sunset yellow are perfect.
  • For Leo sister, a dress in these colours, or a showpiece of Sun Go will be right as a Raksha Bandhan gift in 2023.

Sagittarius and Pisces:

  • Furthermore, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces people. And golden and yellow are their lucky colours. Therefore, buying a golden or yellow rakhi thread for a Sagittarius or Pisces brother will be best for Raksha Badhan in 2023.
  • And if your sister belongs to one of these zodiacs, then buy a yellow dress or gold jewelry for her. Specially, these women love expensive gifts. So, a luxury makeup product can also do wonders!

Capricorn and Aquarius:

  • Aquarius and Capricorn are ruled by Saturn. And Black is a suitable colour for them. But in the Rakhi Pujan or any other Pujan, one must avoid black colour. So you better buy a blue rakhi thread for your brother.
  • Furthermore, for a sister of these zodiac signs, you can buy her a blue dress or an electronic item like a smartphone, laptop, earbuds, and more. It is because Saturn signifies electricity.

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